Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Birthday Celebration


Stephen turned seventeen this past Thursday. The problem we had this year with his birthday was that we had no money and it kind of snuck up on us. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what to do.

Then a light bulb went off. He has been begging us forever for his own room. He and Nathan have shared a room since he was a baby. However, now they are older Stephen seems to really need his own space.

We have an extra room down in the basement that we had made into a guest bedroom but it's not heated. However, it usually stays around 60 degrees down there so it isn't too bad and we have a space heater.

So after Stephen left for school on Thursday I set to work painting the room. It was pink and I didn't really think he would appreciate a girly room! ;-) Again, we didn't have enough of one color of paint to cover a whole room, but I found a 1/4 can of sandstone and a 1/4 can of white paint and mixed them together and came up with my own color.

When I was done with that, I sat down and composed some short poems to send him on a scavenger hunt.


When he arrived home from school, we had him follow the clues around the house, outside, into the building next door, and back into the house.


We had such a busy weekend and didn't have the time to totally set up his room on Thursday so the last clue told him that as of Monday the room was his.

He was so excited! Who would have thought that a gift that cost no money would have been the best one?

Yesterday we spent the day taking apart the queen size bed that was in the spare room and moving it upstairs for Nathan since he is so much bigger. Then we had to take apart the upstairs beds and putting one in storage and one downstairs for Stephen as well as moving the rest of his stuff.


We spent a few hours shuffling things around.


So now he has his own space and is thrilled!


I did notice though that he came upstairs quite a few times last night to make sure he said good night to Nathan. He's happy to have his own room, but I think he is missing having a roomie a bit too.