Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday Girl

My baby turned 11 this past Sunday. Emily is turning into a lovely young lady and to be honest, is growing up so fast!

However, she is still in the "playing with dolls" stage. Her cousin gave her a used American Girl doll years ago and she plays with it all the time. She and her friends bring their dolls to church. Eventually the arm broke and though it has been mended with duct tape, it has seen better days.

Dan & I talked about what to do for her birthday. We were going to send the doll to the American Girl "doll hospital" but after you pay for the new arm, and to have it cleaned and fixed up, it would have cost almost as much as a new doll. So we decided to splurge and buy her a new one for her birthday.

Our children get very little in the way of extras. We don't purchase toys and gifts for them during the year, so the few days we try to make special for them are their birthday and Christmas.

Here she is with her new American Girl doll.


We had friends over in the afternoon to celebrate with the meal of her choice: spaghetti & meatballs, garlic bread and salad.



Of course, I forgot to get candles so only had two lying around when it came time to blow them out. If you use your imagination, it's a number eleven! ;-)


She is also taking two friends with her next Saturday to the zoo as part of her gift. We have a family membership and can bring a guest, so we will only have to purchase one extra ticket. We'll pack a picnic lunch and drinks so it's a frugal way to continue the celebration.

She told me she had a great day so I would call that a successful birthday celebration!