Thursday, September 9, 2010



Well, school started for all of us on Tuesday and it was a number of firsts.

* Emily's first day in a brand new school. She is now a 6th grader at the middle school.

* Nathan's first day as a Senior.

* Stephen's first day in some challenging courses.

* My first time working full time in 9 1/2 years.

Overall, it went great. I came home to smiling faces and excited talk about the first day of school. That was nice!

I had a wonderful first day of work. The teacher I'm with has a great personality. She is calm, low-key and patient and great with the children. The children were sweet too. We had nobody crying either Tuesday or yesterday which is amazing for their first time in Kindergarten. We do have a few that are going to be challenges, but nothing too difficult.

It's going to be an adjustment working full-time, but so far it's been good. Of course the first day of school excitement has worn off. Today, when it was time to get up there were very slow responses, grouchy faces and snippy attitudes. Now, I have to go wake up the children. ;-)