Monday, September 27, 2010

New Strategy


This is my 4th week of working a full-time job. I have to say that I'm starting to get into the swing of things and feel less stressed out. One thing that helped tremendously was to realize that I just cannot keep trying to do all the things that I did when I was home full-time.

One thing that I have implemented to help relieve some stress is asking the children for more help around here. They have always been good about doing whatever I ask, but because I was home full-time I did the bulk of the work. Now, that I'm gone 35 hours a week I need them to pick up the slack.

So every day I have been trying to leave them with one or two chores that they need to do when they get home. This way the house is not a disaster!

Saturday was our big cleaning day and they chipped in. Nathan was gone from 9-9:30 for a fireman's event, but he changed his sheets and cleaned his room before he left.

Emily did the breakfast dishes for me and vacuumed the living room.


Stephen cleaned his entire room and did some odd chores around the house as I needed him to.


I have to say my kids are pretty good about cheerfully pitching in. They don't always do things the way I would, but they are always willing which is half the battle.

So with my new strategy in place, I'm feeling a lot less pressure!