Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day


Yesterday was Nathan, Stephen & Emily's first day of school. It was a very weird, tense morning because they were very nervous about going to a new school. I had tried to relieve some of their stress as much as possible by taking them to their schools and letting them walk through their schedule two or three times.

The boys especially are going into a huge school compared to the one they left. They are coming from a high school with a few hundred and going into one with 3,500 students. This is a huge adjustment for them!

However, they all got off the bus with smiling faces. The one I was most concerned about was Nathan but he seemed to have the best day. Whew!!!

On Friday we met with the head of the special education department, his guidance counselor and school psychologist and I was so pleased at how accommodating they were. They understood that the cafeteria was his biggest anxiety and he is allowed to eat in his 5th period classroom.

He has a great schedule this year and all of his classes are in one wing of the building. He has 2 classes of cooking, then ceramics, lunch, and community skills in the morning. In the afternoon he takes the bus to the occupational school for culinary arts. His community skills teacher was wonderful! She will be working with him on social skills.

So we are off on another school year. Emily seemed the least thrilled out of all of them but I'm sure as the year goes on it will get easier for her.

Overall, it was a good first day.