Saturday, January 14, 2012


I'm being stalked. There are many days as I sit in my sewing room, I feel eyes on my back.

Or as I take the trash out, I'll hear rustling in the bushes.

It's gotten so I don't go anywhere without carrying a sturdy weapon.

It can be frightening at times.

But I'm coping.

The other day I was sewing and felt that uneasy feeling as if someone was watching me. I turned around quickly and caught sight of the culprit. Or in this case, culprits.


This is their new thing. They fly up onto my back deck and stare at me through the window and begin crowing at me non-stop.


It is quite annoying because they are making a mess of the deck. The other day, in an attempt to break them of this habit, I threw open the door and flung water at them!

They scattered for a moment. But they were back soon after.


I've been polishing my stew pot! ;-)