Friday, March 16, 2012

Crafty Things

I didn't get a whole lot done this week - just an apron and table runner.

I'm going to show the apron because it turned out very cute.  I had posted it to Etsy and then a friend saw it and bought it already.  I do have a question for you Etsy users.  Is there a way to leave feedback if you don't use Paypal or purchase through Etsy?  

For example, this friend goes to my church and she saw the apron and asked for it but doesn't have Paypal.  Because I personally know her I'll take a check.  This has happened with about 3-4 items I had listed there.  I was curious because it would be nice if people who have bought my items could leave feedback for other buyers, even if they don't purchase through Etsy.

After today, I think that I'll probably skip posting the aprons here on the Crafty Things posts and just put them in my Etsy shop.  I mean, how many aprons in the same style do you really want to see?  :-)  If I make something different, I'll definitely post that.

Here is the apron in my favorite colors.


I added a butterfly button to the corner pocket.


I also made a large, quilted table runner this week. 


Back view.



Beginning next week, I'm going to add link so that you can link up and show off your craft items too!  I'm in the process of creating a button for this aspect of my blog.  I'm hoping that I'll have it all figured out by next Friday so stay tuned! ;-)