Thursday, May 17, 2012

The ABCs of Terri

I know so many of you have been reading my blog for a very long time and you probably think you have a good picture of who I am.  It's easy to get a mental picture of the writer of the various blogs you read and I do it too.  However, the person is always much more complex than you may think.

Today, I thought I would give you a glimpse of who I am by reciting the alphabet!  I didn't want to just give you the good side though.  I thought I should be honest and give you a bad trait as well so you can get the whole picture.  It's a fun way to show you a glimpse into my personality.  Let me just say, it wasn't easy coming up with 52 things!

Able - I'm pretty good at doing most anything.  I love to figure out new things to do and then try my hand at them and they usually turn out pretty good.

Anger - I do have a quick temper and I'm working so hard at getting it under control.  More often than not, it's my family that gets the brunt of it.  :-(  It's definitely a thorn in my side and one that I want removed!

Brave - I think I'm pretty brave and I've been able to face challenges that would send most women running and screaming.  I may feel overwhelmed and unable to face those things, but I get up and keep going.

Bored - I get bored so easily.  I was always like that, even as a child, so I love having lots of things to occupy my mind.  To me there is nothing worse than doing the same thing over and over and over again!

Creative - I'm pretty creative.  I love coming up with different ways to present something from crafts to photos to powerpoint presentations.

Charitable - I feel strongly about helping the poor and needy.  I do feel like it's a biblical mandate.  But I'm also charitable with others faults.  I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt and look past their mistakes.

Dejected - I can feel this way really quickly.  I get discouraged quickly but I can pull myself out of it just as quickly.

Demonstrative - I show my love and affection for others through hugging and touching and saying that I love them.  I wasn't always like this, but I've learned to be.

Enthusiastic - I am very excited and enthusiastic about the different things I'm involved in.  I get very animated when I talk about something I'm passionate about and I remember my uncle asking me one day if I could carry on a conversation without using my hands! lol

Empathy - I am able to put myself in another person's shoes and identify with their pain.  The problem comes when I can't separate myself from their emotions and I absorb their emotions as my own.  I don't think I would make a good counselor for that reason!

Fun - I have a lot of fun and I am fun to be around.  It seems like every where I go I get good natured ribbing and I'm always at the rowdy table at parties for some reason! ;-)

Faithful - I am faithful to those I care about and also to God.  I've never once thought about turning my back on my marriage (even though there have been times when I was spitting mad) nor have I ever thought about turning my back on God, even in the very dark times.

(side note: I'd love to type glamorous here but it just isn't going to happen! roflol)

Gracious - I tend to be compassionate and merciful towards others.

Grouchy - yes (hanging my head in shame), I can be this way to my family.  Though, isn't this the way sin always is?  I can turn that grouchiness off very quickly when someone else shows up.

Humorous - I have a quick wit and I love a good joke and I make them frequently.  I find humor in almost everything which is probably what has helped me get through some very hard times.  Comedies are my favorite kinds of movies.

Honorable - I have a very strong sense of what is right and I try to treat others honorably.

Irritable - (See a pattern here).  I do get irritable easily.  Working on this one as well.

Ideas - I may have a hundred ideas a day of how to do something differently or a new program or new way of doing something around the house.  My problem comes in implementing them sometimes!

Justice - I have a heightened sense of the justice or injustice of a situation.  I really struggle when something is injust.

Jokes - I love a good joke and I love telling jokes!

Kind - I am kind to others.  In general, I'm pretty good hearted.

Knowledge - I love learning new things and am pretty knowledgeable about many things.

Laugh - I love to laugh!

Lucid - I communicate in a way that is easily understood and clear.  I think I'm a pretty rational person.

Mom - this is the most important thing to me.  I love being a mom and everything about motherhood.  It's not always easy and I fail quite a bit but my children are very important to me.

Modest - I am modest not only in the way I dress but in the way I regard myself.  I don't have an over heightened regard for myself.

Nice - most people end up characterizing me this way.  I'm a nice person who is pretty likeable.

Nurturing - I have a strong nurturing instinct.

Optimist - I look at the bright side of things and am a glass half full kind of person.

Orderly - My number one spiritual gift is administration and that shows in almost everything I do.  I'm very orderly in how I run my life.

People pleaser - I'm really working on changing this but it's so inbred in me that it's difficult.  I get upset even if someone online whom I never met in real life is upset.  Another thorn in my side because you can never please everyone all of the time.  It's a nightmare trait to have as a pastor's wife!

Passionate - Someone at church told me that one day.  They said you are very intense about everything you believe.

Quick to react - bad, bad, bad.  I'm trying to learn to SLOW DOWN before I respond, volunteer, or do anything.  Because when I do this, I end up with this next quality.

Qualms - I'll get a feeling of misgiving or "Oh NO!"  "What did I just do!"

Reflecting - I think all the time and ponder many things.  Some of my best musings come when I'm walking.

Rehash - I rehash conversations or situations over and over again in my mind.  It's not good because to be honest, it's worry and I'm learning to turn them over to the Lord.

Sensitive - This can be a good thing because I empathize with others but it's bad because I can get my feelings hurt pretty easily.

Smart - I have an above average IQ and I've always picked things up very quickly.  I just didn't always apply myself because even though I didn't mention it up above, I can be lazy!

Transparent - I'm an open book and am honest about my struggles, my strengths, my faults.

Tough - I'm not a "quaking in my boots" type of person.  I face adversity head on and even though I feel like running and hiding, I don't.

(Okay, "U" is hard!)

Unsung - I'll probably never be known outside of my little circle and I'm okay with that.  As long as I don't think about it too much! ;-)

Uptight - Yes, that is a problem.  I have a hard time going with the flow!

Vivacious - I'm pretty animated, energetic and active and no one would ever call me a wall-flower.  That is the Lord totally though because I used to be so shy as a teenager and young adult.

Vocal - People know what I think.  All the time.  :-/

Wit - I pick things up easily.  I understand things quickly.  I can observe and comprehend things rapidly.

Worry - I am a worrier.  I feel anxious quite a bit and have to work very, very hard at not worrying about things.  There will be times when my stomach is churning over something and I have to just cling to God during those times.

non-Xenophobe (hah!  I bet you wondered how I was going to work that letter in) - I'm not distrustful of strangers or foreigners at all.  In fact, I love meeting new people and especially people from other countries.

Young-at-heart - Which is probably why I enjoy young people so much.  I'm 50 but feel like I'm still in my 20s ( body feels 70)!

Yielding - I usually will give in to someone rather than push my own agenda.

Zealous - I am enthusiastic and committed to my relationship with the Lord.

Zany - Okay, I do have an odd and crazy sense of humor.  Or as one of my friends told me recently, I'm goofy! :-)

There you have it!  Everything you NEVER wanted to know about me!