Friday, May 18, 2012

Crafty Things

I decided to forgo the link-up for Crafty Things.  No one was participating and I started feeling like the unpopular kid back in high school!  LOL!!!  I'd rather just create my things and show them as I can.  It's much better for my sanity. :-)

This week I did a custom order.  I made a table runner and 8 placemats for a friend who just moved into a new house.  She picked the color scheme and I thought they turned out very nice.

Here they are!


Close-up. I love how the yellow border brings out the yellow in the flowers.


I also cut out 4 aprons for gifts for the girls in my 3D Girls Club.  Their closing program is Sunday and we are giving them aprons and a cookbook of the recipes they made this year.

What have you been up too?