Monday, May 28, 2012

Let the Celebration Begin!

My baby girl turns 13 years old on Wednesday and I've been feeling a bit low lately.  Not because she's becoming a teenager, even though that's a milestone.  Mostly because we are so tight right now that we don't have any money for anything.

However, after an hour or two of complaining to myself (blush), I pulled myself out of my mood and tried to think about how I could celebrate this event but do it in a way that cost little to nothing.  So what I came up with was doing something special every single day this week for her (Monday-Sunday).  Some of the things are bigger and some are little but, all are a way to acknowledge this meaningful milestone and make it fun for Emily.

So today is Day #1 of "Operation Celebration".  I'm not telling her what we are doing so it makes it that much more fun.

Today we took her to the Appalachian Trail and went hiking which she loves to do.  We started on a section of it that we've never been before and it ended up being a very pleasant hike, despite the muggy and very hot weather today.

She had a great time.  However, there was a little bit of whining about being hot and tired but then I stopped so everyone could enjoy themselves! ;-)  lol



Afterwards we took her to the local gas station & convenience store and bought her a $.89 large soda (which I don't keep in the house) and a cheese stick.  This girl is so easy to please! 


Total cost of the day for sodas for 3 of us & 1 cheese stick = $ 3.55.