Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Operation Celebration", Day #2

Today was day two of "Operation Celebration."  The kids had an extra day off school because the school district hadn't used their snow days this year.  So that in itself was a reason to celebrate! :-)

However, once she got up this morning we headed out for the next part of her week long celebration.  As she walked out the door she said, "This is so exciting!"  That, of course, is the goal of this week.

The first stop was a trip to the library.  She loves to go there and play on the computer.  My computer is so old and slow that it's not much fun.  So she got to spend an hour on the computer and then pick out a few books.  Then we hit the ice cream shop for a cone.

This afternoon was a visit from Emily's kindergarten teacher from the Christian school she went to for K-2nd grade.  This was her favorite teacher so this afternoon was a wonderful surprise.   What was even nicer was Mrs. Lee brought along a gift for Emily.  In Kindergarten, she gave each of the children a character award at the end of the year and Emily's was for being joyful.  That really does describe her personality.

She gave Emily a little plaque that says, "Joy" with a Bible verse on it.  So this was a sweet gift and what made it even sweeter, was that her teacher remembered this about her.


We had a wonderful time reminiscing and catching up.

Emily doesn't know it yet but an unexpected addition to today's celebration is that her brothers are going to take her out for dinner and pay for McDonald's for her tonight.

Total cost for today's celebration (for me) was $5.00 for ice cream.

So far, so good! :-)