Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mother, May I?

Remember the game we played as children, "Mother, May I?"  Children lined up on one side and had to ask the "mother" on the opposite side of the room if they could take 3 giant steps or 5 baby steps or 1 leap.  The mother than gave them permission or not.

I feel like I'm in that game as of the past two months.  Nathan passed his road test on July 2nd and has his driver's license.  Stephen went this morning and passed his as well so they are now both official licensed drivers.  Dan & I did tell them that didn't mean we were just turning the keys over to them.  They had to prove that they were responsible with the car. 

After these few pictures, I'm not so sure. 

Stephen, put your feet on the floor, hands on the steering wheel and shut off the phone!

No reading while driving.

No Nathan, you can't drive for your brother while he talks on the phone.

No changing positions while driving!

Nah, they are very responsible.  ;-)  If they nicely ask, "Mother, may I?"  I will probably let them use the car!