Monday, October 8, 2012

Help in the Trenches

Being in the ministry has it's challenges.  There are expectations, ups, downs, sorrows, laughs, and many tears.  Sometimes you have to be all things to all people.  It can be exhilarating,but it is also exhausting. You can't share too much.  You can't get too close.  You can't be too real.

Our denomination has something they call a coaching cluster where pastors in a specific geographic area get together regularly to support each other, challenge each other and pray for each other.  Usually it's just the pastors and then roughly twice a year the wives and families join in.  

Last night, Dan & I hosted a get together with the pastors, their wives, and any children who wanted to join in.  It was fun, relaxing and encouraging.  I'm so thankful for our group of friends who are in the trenches with us.  Who understand what we deal with in a way that no one else ever could.  It was a time of refreshment both for the body and the soul.  

This week I'm thankful for blessings #1,231-1,250.

♥ A companion while I sew.

♥ A church full of young children and teens.

♥ The ability to be resourceful and frugal.

♥ Red skies at dusk.

♥ Nathan who tells me regularly that he loves his job!

♥ A friend who provided us with groceries.  Enough for at least 2 weeks.

♥ A friend who visits me every time I walk.

♥ Good-natured teasing from friends.

♥ Fall mums.

♥ The gift of millet & brown rice.

♥ Anticipation.

♥ Hearing a little girl who has had very little stability in her life tell me she loves children's church.

♥ A church family I love.

♥ Mischievous kittens.

♥ Blessing a young woman in our church with a baby shower.

♥ Changing leaves.

♥ A time of focused prayer.

♥ A husband who knows when it's time to tell me, "Enough!"

♥ Fall decorations.

And finally...

♥ A wonderful support network.