Friday, June 28, 2013

Crafty Things


Tomorrow is our town's community day and not only will we have a church booth there, with a free craft for children, but I'm setting up my own booth with some of my crafty things for sale.  I'm also bringing copies of my new book and we'll see how I do.

Here are some things that I've made this week to add to my stash.

I made a small tote bag.

I bought some plastic canvas, covered it in fabric and added it to the bottom to give it some durability.

I also made an apron.  Love the red & white dots!

Today, I'm going to whip up some tea totes and tissue holders to add to my stock and then I'm good to go tomorrow.  

I'm also in the midst of rearranging and cleaning my sewing room so I have lots to keep me busy this weekend!