Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Truth Is....

There is an activity floating around facebook that is popular among my young teen friends.  The person posts something like this..."Like for truth is."  Basically, you click the like button under their status and then they are supposed to post some true statement about you. 

It makes me smile because it always seems to be the same teens doing it and their statements are always the same.  "Truth is your my best friend."  "Truth is we don't talk that much anymore."  "Truth is you're really pretty." and on and on.   

There seems to be an entire generation coming up who cannot communicate outside of technology.  They text what they want to say or send a tweet or update their facebook status on a regular basis.  I was trying to have a conversation with someone the other day who had their face buried in their phone the entire time, and this was an adult!

Today I thought I'd give some of my own "Truth is..." statements.

► Truth is I wish my young friends could find activities to do that don't involve taking photos of themselves in the bathroom mirror via instagram and then posting it all over the internet. 

► Truth is I'd love to have a conversation with someone who isn't being interrupted by a ringing cell phone every five minutes.

► Truth is I'm worried about an entire generation that can only write using abbreviations.."i no u luv me!"

► Truth is I don't think that someone who is texting while you are trying to talk to them realizes how incredibly rude it is!

► Truth is there are an awful lot of bored teens and young adults around.

► Truth is our society is turning into an instant gratification, all about me, I want it now group of people.

► Truth is I hate to see how technology is turning us into a bunch of mindless people who can only talk about the latest television show, instead of the latest book they are reading.

And before I sound like an old lady...

► Truth is I LOVE technology when it is a person's slave and not their master.  

I use facebook to stay in touch with friends and family and it does provide a social outlet for me.  I blog almost every day which provides an outlet for my thoughts and writing.  I belong to an online message board where I exchange ideas, recipes, and housekeeping tips.  I google almost anything I need to know quickly.

But, I never want to it to take the place of real relationships, face to face conversation, and flesh and blood people.  I want to fellowship with friends over a cup of coffee.  I want to hug my friends and family in real life.  I want to read a hand written letter once in a while.  I want to talk to someone over the phone or in my living room where I can see their expressions and read their body language.

And that is my "Truth is..." for the day! :-)