Friday, July 12, 2013

Crafty Things

It's been the week of aprons around here!  A new boutique opened up near us and they have asked to carry some of my craft items, as well as my book.  So last Friday I took an bagful of items to the store.  However, that pretty much depleted my stock of aprons and I am going to a "ladies night out" at a local store tonight and will have a table there.  So I've been busy sewing aprons to bring with me.

I managed to make 6 this week.  

I made this apron a couple of weeks ago and took it with me to our town's community day where it was purchased.  A friend saw it and ordered the same exact apron.  So I made another one.  I love the red & white.

I've been experimenting with different pockets.


This is my absolute favorite.  The waistband, pockets and under bands are actually made with a vintage sheet that had embroidered flowers.  Love it!

 I also made a custom order of twelve tissue holders in the "Red Hat Society" colors.

So it was a very busy week and I literally did nothing in the way of housework.  So today I'm cleaning my house!