Thursday, January 23, 2014

Crafty Things


I haven't done a Crafty Things post in a very long time.  One of the things I was a bit sad about in the move was losing my giant sized craft room.  Of course, there are problems with having that much space.  It becomes a magnet for clutter and accumulation.  But I did miss having my own special spot.

My personality is such that if I have to keep pulling things out and putting them away again, sewing just isn't going to happen.  Call it laziness if you will, but it just seems like too much work!  I also didn't want a giant mess in the sun room which is the one room that I could put up a work corner because that is the room everyone enters by.  

However, one day I had an inspirational thought.  I purchased a fold away table that I can use at craft fairs and set up a little spot in our bedroom.  Our room is the biggest of the bedrooms and there was this big empty spot on one wall.  So I put up the table, set up the sewing machine and had some space to also store a few things.  That freed up space in my walk-in closet to put a couple of boxes of items that had no home.

Since I set it up on Monday night, I've been sewing happily along. 

Here are a few of the items I've made.

Tea cozies.

Patchwork Half Apron.

I also made some tea totes which still need the snaps before I can take a picture.  These are all in my Etsy shop.

I know that I talked about closing down the craft end of the business but have decided to try to cut back on the costs first before I make that decision.  

One of things I stopped doing was paying for search ads on Etsy.  I get the same amount of hits, if not more, without having to pay so that definitely was a good decision.  I also no longer have an internet bill that is eating up all the profits each month.  I'm also trying to wait to purchase fabric off season so that I can get the best bang for my buck.

Anyway, I'm settled in and I'm happy that I have my own spot that is out of the main areas.