Friday, January 10, 2014

Life in the Snow Globe

I feel like I live in a snow globe since moving here three weeks ago, but I like it!  It snows a bit every day and sometimes, all day long.  But the road crews work round the clock and you can always see a truck out sanding, salting or plowing.  They take care of the snow and ice very efficiently.

We are settling in and learning our community and new church family and making friends.  I'm slowly feeling more at home and some good things have been happening for my children.


He is now a member of the fire department and has been set up with a pager and gear.  He's even gone out on a few calls so he's happy on that end of things.  He applied for a job and was referred to a county wide employment agency to take a basic skills test.

I have to say I was concerned.  We didn't go through the agency for people with disabilities because he gets so upset whenever we use them.  I did send an email to the employment agency to see if they gave testing accommodations for those with learning disabilities.  Turns out they do, as long as you have proof, which we do.  

Nathan studied incessantly for two weeks and basically drove us crazy with math problems. lol  However, he went on Tuesday, took the test, and scored pretty high on both reading comprehension and math and barely used any of the accommodations available to him.

He needs a job.  Yesterday, he came home and started pacing and said, "I have to find a job."  "I'm bored."  Literally, five minutes later, the phone rang and it was the employment agency with a lead for him that is only 10 minutes down the road.  He has an interview this morning at 11 a.m.  Please pray that this goes well!


Stephen left yesterday to go to his new home to finish out his last semester at the community college and achieve an associate's degree.  He called us and arrived safe and sound.  It's quite the adjustment for us, but it's really a good situation for him.  He will be independent and yet, there is someone next door that we know and trust in case there is an emergency.

I was sad yesterday but I am happy for him and excited at this new step in his life.  He is applying to a few colleges so that he can finish his bachelors.  He has his whole life ahead of him and it's always fun to see how God will use my children.


Emily started her first full day of school on Wednesday and made a few friends right away.  Socially, she's happy.  Academically, it's a struggle because even though New York State follows the core curriculum, none of her teachers are anywhere near where she was in her last school.  

For Global History I, she was studying African civilizations in her old school.  They are in Medieval times here.  For Algebra I, they are working on something she's never seen before and even Dan who tutors students in Algebra had never seen it.  So we are meeting with her math teacher today and will have to meet with some of the others to see how we can help her.

But she's fairly happy and hasn't had any more weepy spells which always makes me happy! :-)

As for Dan, he's been out and about and visiting and getting to know people and the community.  He was in heaven last night because he went to a wrestling match with a guy from church.  He loves sports and wrestled in high school so was very happy when he came home.  Especially, after meeting a ton of people.  He is definitely social and in his element with a crowd!

There is a formal installation service for him this Sunday night and I'm looking forward to that.  Other pastors and people in the district will be here to commission us in our new ministry.  Dan's parents are coming and we are looking forward to spending some time with them.

I'm slowly figuring out what I want to do here and so far am handling the secretarial things at church and I was also invited to sing on the worship team.  I went to my first practice last night and loved it.  It was challenging because the whole team is very musical so it was nice to be able to read music again and harmonize with wonderful singers.  I also loved how the whole team spent time in prayer before we practiced, with each one taking turns praying for each other.

My other task at the moment guessed it, keep unpacking! ;-)

So that's our life, living in a snow globe.  So far, so good!