Thursday, January 16, 2014

Tumbling Down

Proverbs 14:1 (CEV) ~

A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.

Tumbling down walls.  Gaping holes in the foundation.  Broken windows.  Dirty and damaged rooms.  

That describes many homes today.  Oh, they physically look beautiful on the outside and even on the inside, but the family is a mess.

Are you tearing apart your home?  Is your foundation cracked and crumbling?  Are your walls caving in?  

How does this happen?

It happens every time we tear apart our families with our mouths.  We do it when we speak with rudeness, disrespect or harshness to our husband or children.  We do it with our attitudes when we think we deserve better or even worse, "I could have done better!"  We do it with our actions when we slam doors, stomp our feet or bang pots and pans.  We do it when we scream at our husband and children.

So many homes are falling apart and falling down and it's through a lack of wisdom.

How is your foundation?  

Is it built upon God's word?  Do you regularly turn to the Lord for help and wisdom for a family issue?  Or do you muddle through, hoping for the best?  Do you help your children turn to scripture to see what God has to say about an issue in their life?  If the foundation is not sound, the house will fall.

How is your framing?  

Do you build your husband and children up with your words?  Do you roll your eyes, insult your husband in front of others, and otherwise make fun of him?  Do you yell at your children in front of other people?  Do you handle conflict and problems with gentleness or do you try to bully them into doing what you want?  If the walls aren't built upon solid frames then things will cave in.  Feelings will get hurt.  Relationships will buckle.

How are your rooms? 

Do you fill your house with fun and laughter?  Do you make your home a place where your family can be themselves and know they are loved?  Is your house decorated with special touches so your family knows they are cared for or do you reserve that just for company?  Our husbands and children need to know that they are important to you.  One way to do this is by not just reserving the best things for company but to do little things that show them how much you love them.

Let's work on building up our homes today. Speak kindness to your husband and children. Bless them with your attitude, actions and words.  Use wisdom in building your home and you will have one that is solid and will last for generations to come!