Friday, February 28, 2014

Crafty Things

I'm sorry to say that my crafting has fallen by the wayside lately.  I just have been so totally uninspired!  I do find that sales tend to get me moving so obviously, you know how that's going.  :-)

I did pull out the scrapbooking supplies this week and made some cards. 

I'm hoping that with the coming of Spring, I'll get more motivated.  I do have a ladies retreat coming at the beginning of April and will have some things there.  A local store will be carrying my books and crafts and that opens in May.  I also am signing up to do a weekly farmer's market here with my craft items and books.

So I'm going to have to get a fire going under my rear very soon! :-)  I have been working on a new devotional book and it's in the editing process right now.  I hope to release that soon.

Have you been working on any crafty things lately?