Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Do You Hear that Buzzing?


Do you hear that buzzing?  That would be me!

Things have been hopping here lately and there are days I feel like my head is spinning.  But I love it!  It's certainly better than sitting around feeling depressed because it's snowing and gray and everything and everyone is new. 

I love being a stay at home wife and mother.  And I know so many people have the stereotype that it means I sit around and watch soap operas all day.  Now that my children are growing up I've heard a couple of comments from well-meaning family members, "So now you are going to go back to work, right?"

But the reality is I love being home.  I love being able to help my husband in ministry.  I love being at the "home-base" to put out fires and be available for whatever comes up.  I'm loving having my own business and seeing that start to do well and yet, getting to stay home.

So when people ask me that question the thought goes through my head, "When did I ever stop working?" 

A sample from my day yesterday.....

* Worked on Bible study that I led last night.
* Went to breakfast and walked 2 miles with my husband, Dan, all the while talking about the church and ministry.
* Picked up a few items from the store.
* Stopped at post office to mail a couple of packages.
* Came home and made lunch for Nathan and then also put together his dinner for work.
* Fielded a couple of text messages from my other son, Stephen.
* Made a batch of soap for the farmer's markets I'll be participating in.
* Made 2 aprons for my Etsy shop.
* Did 2 loads of laundry
* Made brownies for the Bible study.
* Made dinner
* Set up for study (coffee, etc.)
* Led study
* Watched one show with my husband
* Crashed

In between all that, I answered phone calls and emails.  Today is another day and I get to start all over again.  It's 8 a.m. and I've sent off some small group questions for a group in our church.  And I'm getting ready to get started on the rest of my day, which involves sewing, cooking, some cleaning, and just being available to my family and church family.

So my head is spinning, but I feel energized.  I feel happy.  I feel blessed.  Life is good!

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