Friday, April 25, 2014

Frugal Friday

One of the things I actually love about being frugal is that it requires me to be creative.  I love creativity in the kitchen, in the craft room, with my writing and with my ministry.  So what a wonderful way to utilize that creativity.

Otherwise, it's just about skimping and saving and cutting corners and to me that's just BLAH!  So finding ways to turn a frugal meal into an elegant dinner is exciting.  Finding ways to craft and sew and yet not spend a fortune puts a spring into my step each day.  Coming up with wonderfully frugal ways to decorate at church events brings me a tremendous amount of joy.  Being able to find fantastic deals and then use my creative streak to make something magical out of them is worth spending the time doing that.

Frugal is fun! :-)

This wasn't a stellar week in the savings department because we got hit with two very unexpected bills.  And I was so annoyed but we had to go buy all our gardening tools because doofuses that we are, we left them all behind when we moved.  Just totally forgot them! :-(  But there is nothing we can do about that because life happens and I want my garden!

Here are some ways that I saved this week.

$ Our local Walmart was having a clearance on much of their fabric and I was able to come home with about 20 yards for $34.  99% of what I got was on sale for $2 a yard.  Yay!!!  Now I have to say that I could have spent triple that but I showed extreme self-control and curtailed it to a few fabrics that absolutely made me smile.  I had a very nice guy cutting for me.  I had to go find someone and he came to help even though it wasn't his department.  He was very generous in his measuring and about 4 of the fabrics were at the end of the bolt and I ended up with about 1/4 to 1/2 yard more which he didn't charge me for.  Love that guy! :-)

$ I made my very first batch of cold process soap ever.  Not bad; though that lye is a bit scary. :-)  I already see that this could get very expensive if I start using all the fancy oils - palm, coconut, shea butter, etc.  So I'm thinking good old olive oil with some fragrance may be a better way to go.  But I'll experiment once I get over the fear of the lye.  lol

$ My Easter dinner that I made was spectacular!  Okay, not really, but to me it was.  It literally took 30 minutes for prep and cooking but it was so good.  Baked sea scallops, saffron rice, and steamed green beans.  We had a huge breakfast at church as well as refreshments after church so no one was that hungry.  I didn't even bother with the bread or dessert and everyone was fine with it.  And like I mentioned last week, I didn't spend a fortune going out to eat.

$ I canned 7 quarts of diced tomatoes with that box of tomatoes I received from a friend last week.

$ We found a new eye doctor and dh has always gone for the exams and then gotten his contacts through 1-800-Contacts.  He found out this new place can get the contacts cheaper than the online store.

$ There were leftover bananas from the breakfast on Sunday.  They were cut in half and the woman who brought them gave them to me.  So I have a freezer bag full of bananas in my freezer awaiting breads, muffins or whatever.

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