Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014

We moved here right before Christmas and about the middle of March when it was still snowing every single day and I hadn't seen anyone other than at church, I was beginning to think we made a terrible mistake moving here!

But the snow finally ended and the sun began shining on a consistent basis and people came out of the woodwork.  In fact, this is a huge camping area and it seems as if everyone spends almost every waking moment outdoors, given the fact that the winters are so long.
Memorial Day seems to be the kick-off for everything around here.  And what a great weekend it was!

There is a local antique shop that opens seasonally.  They invite local vendors to come and participate.  You pay a fee and then you also have to work two times a month.  Since it was their grand opening weekend, I spent a lot of my time there.  I really enjoyed getting to know new people.

We had an ecumenical service on Sunday morning with the other 2 churches in town.  Unlike our other area, one very positive thing here is that all of the churches work together very well and do a number of joint activities throughout the year.
I spent a large amount of time outdoors, enjoying the beautiful sights and smells.  And I got my garden planted.

Yesterday, there was a town parade and Memorial Day service.  Dan had a terrific time, and loved every minute of it. (Thank you to my friend, Lisa Buske and her daughter, Mary, for these next two photos.

So it was a weekend of fun, family, fellowship and food as well as remembering those who sacrificed their lives for our country.
How was your weekend?