Friday, June 20, 2014

Frugal Friday

(Chive blossoms ready for vinegar)

Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead.

I'm not sure if this was such a stellar week in the frugal department because I didn't follow my own advice.    I ended up having to make some unexpected purchases which I wouldn't have if I had used my head to think. 

This is why it is so important to make a list when you go shopping so you are not leaving things to chance.  Being frugal is definitely about planning ahead to avoid impulse buying or having to pick up items at a higher price because the cheaper grocery store is so far away and you forgot it when you were there!

I also am annoyed because I threw out a roll of Velcro, thinking I'd never use it.  I had only used it one time in 5 years so it seemed silly to keep it.  Then, of course, not 5 weeks later I got an order for outdoor cushions that required Velcro.  After spending $24 on 6 yards of Velcro, I learned my lesson.  If you have a craft and sewing business don't throw out craft items!!!

Ways I did save and earn this week...

$  Purchased olive oil at the store for soap making at a much lower price than through the soap company.

$ On the flip side, purchased essential oils through an online company at a much lower price than through the store.

$ Make Stephen & Nathan a lunch every single day for work so they don't spend money.

$ Found fresh pineapple at $1.50 each.

$ Using up every bit of the fresh items I purchase before they go bad.  I truly hate it when I buy something and then it sits in the produce Plan drawer and slowly rots before I use it.

$ Sold a few things at the Farmer's market and on Etsy.

$ I'm doing a few sewing projects for my hairdresser in exchange for haircuts, colors, whatever.  Yay!!

$ Purchased rosemary, oregano, thyme, basil and stevia to save money in the long run on purchasing herbs.

That's about it. Now it's your turn.