Saturday, March 21, 2015


Back in January, I posted about deciding to pray and think about a word to focus on this year as a goal.  Along with the word and verse, I also came up with a list of goals I wanted to achieve.

Well, one of the problems I've always had is I make these wonderful goals and then as time goes on, I fizzle out.  So I've been revisiting them from time to time to make sure I'm staying on track.  I've been doing okay with the actual goals.  There are a few areas that I need to stay focused on, but overall not too bad.

However, this morning as I was thinking and praying about a situation I realized I haven't been focusing on my word very much at all.  The word was intentional and here is the original post about that. 

So I need to refocus, reevaluate and cut out the few things I've allowed to creep in which are keeping me from what I feel the Lord wants me to do.  I often get caught up in the moment of someone else's idea and find myself stuck in activities that are good but not necessarily the best for me.

It truly is a process, isn't it?  So after this hiccup, I'm hoping to get back on track.