Monday, March 2, 2015

Multitude Monday

I haven't done a Multitude Monday in quite a few weeks.  I have been counting my blessings daily on Facebook as I attempt to come up with one thing each day for the entire year.  To be honest, it's not difficult any more.  As I think about it, I can find all sorts of things in my life to be thankful for; more than one a day.  So I'm glad that I'm also doing this here with the overflow of blessings. :-)

I find that counting increases my joy.  It helps me to find the meaningful in the mundane activities of each day.  It helps to expand my awareness of how God is working in my life.  Even in the midst of the difficult challenges, and there are many, God still blesses and provides.

I hope I go to the grave, counting!

This week I'm thankful for blessings 2366 - 2375

 2366.  A wonderful open house.  It was a much smaller group than anticipated but we had a wonderful time and because there were less people, more meaningful conversations happened.

2367.  I am blessed that even though Stephen is far away, he still reaches out to us via text or phone when facing decisions or just to talk through issues.

2368.  That the calendar has changed to March.  Even though I know that March can be a rough month here, weather-wise, it's still one step closer to spring.  Hurray!

2369.  A houseful of teens this weekend.  They are joyful, upbeat and energetic and I love having them.

2370.  I am thankful for my beautiful daughter who is growing into a lovely young woman.

2371.  A major thing I'm thankful for is that Emily spent the night at her one friend's house on Friday night and then had all of her friends here on Saturday night.  We discovered yesterday that the roof of her friend's home where she stayed had collapsed right over this girl's bedroom on Saturday night.  Thanking God for protection for all of these young ladies.

2372.  I'm thankful for a wonderful worship service yesterday.  The atmosphere was joyful and we had a large crowd.  There was also wonderful fellowship after the service over a potluck dinner.

2373.  Finding beauty even in winter.

2374.  Steaming cups of tea and good conversation with my husband.

and finally...

2375.  Constant counting.