Friday, March 20, 2015

The Spring Will Come

In the icy grip of winter it is hard to feel as if anything green will ever grow again.  I try and remember the days of warm breezes, beautiful flowers and green grass.  But it's hard to conjure up those remembrances.

Day after day passes and they feel long and unending.  I often feel as if I'm in a daze and going through the motions.  The white, the gray and the dullness will never end.

And then gradually, I begin to realize the sunlight is lasting longer.  It begins to have a different feel.  My spirit starts to have an hour or two, or even a day or two of feeling lighter.  As I look at the calendar I realize spring is coming.

And beneath all that white, life has been pushing it's way to the surface.  Until it pops through the ground and there it!  Once again, I'm reminded that the sun will shine bright.  The warm wind will blow and flowers will bloom. 

Spring always comes after the winter.  Without fail.

That's the way it is with our lives too.  When we walk through the winter and gray of a tragedy or a trial, it seems as if things will never get better.  Everyone is going on with their lives, while I am stuck in this endless dreariness and depression.

And yet, the truth is that the spring will come.  Green and life are there under the surface, waiting to appear.  But the winter must run its course.  It can't be rushed.  There will be setbacks.  While the crocus and daffodil shoots are pushing their way to the surface, we are expecting more snow.  But once I've seen that green it's easier to get through the next period of white.

When I begin to experience life after a struggle, the setbacks aren't so discouraging.  Because that is all they are: setbacks.  It may be a day or two of discouragement or sadness; but I know spring is around the corner.

Life is returning.  I will make it through the long winter of discouragement and despair.