Friday, June 12, 2015

Frugal Friday

I have to be honest and say that I'm not feeling particularly inspirational in the frugal department this week.  In fact, I sat here staring at the keyboard for a while and wondering if I actually did save anything at all.  However, things are starting to pop into my mind so I'm going to share them, even though I think they are minor.

$ We have friends who are missionaries in Russia and their daughter is here in the states.  She is raising money for a trip to a music program in Hungary this summer.  This program pulls gifted young musicians in from all over the world and gives them the opportunity to be trained by top-notch musicians and share their faith at the same time.  She had a concert last Friday night and we went to hear her perform a clarinet and vocal recital.  We heard beautiful music with only the cost of a love offering.

$ We went to watch a dance recital on Saturday night.  Two young ladies from church were performing and it was a wonderful recital.  Again, the cost was $15 for 3 tickets and we received 2 hours of wonderful performances.

$ I needed to purchase new bags for my soaps and I have a wonderful online source where I can get the organza drawstring bags for a fraction of the cost of the craft store.

$ Today is Dan's birthday and we will be having a delicious meal at home for much, much less than eating out.  Tonight's menu is stuffed chicken Valentino, roasted rosemary potatoes, steamed broccoli, fresh fruit salad and blueberry pie for dessert.

$ For Dan's birthday present, I was able to purchase tickets to see one of his favorite comedians.  They were pricey, but I decided that it's going to be a combination birthday and anniversary present (in lieu of what we would get each other) so that made it very reasonable.  He is going to be so surprised when I give it to him later.  Shhhhhh!!!!!

$ Someone gave me a wonderful idea of how to use up some of my fabric scraps so stay tuned for that at a later date! ;-)

$ We discovered that our insurance will cover an eye exam and one pair of glasses.  The place where we go was having a store-wide sale so Emily was able to get one pair of more expensive frames for free. 

$ Because I have progressive lenses and also have prism in them, my glasses were not covered.  However, I was able to use the insurance for a back-up pair of glasses with that ugly bi-focal line through the center.  lol  However, the other pair was half off because the store was having a sale. 

So that's it for this week.  It's not much but I'm trying to be much more aware of what I spend or don't spend.