Monday, June 15, 2015

Multitude Monday

Slow down.  Stop.  Look around.  Breathe in the scents.  Enjoy the sights.  Listen to the sounds. 

I do very little of this in my life.  Usually I'm so engrossed in projects, to-do lists, problems, or the mundane activities that I forget to appreciate the beauty.  There really is so much beauty in this world and most of it goes undetected because it requires quiet and peace and observation.

It means not just looking at something, but really seeing it and appreciating it. 

Sometimes that beauty in hidden and you have to look hard.  But it's there.

At times, it's small and delicate.

At other times, it's bold and beautiful.

But the only way you will find it is by looking, listening, and slowing down long enough to enjoy it.

This week I'm also thankful for blessings #2476 - 2485.

2476.  Better insurance this year.

2477.  Lunch with a friend.

2478.  Cooking for my family.

2479.  The enjoyment I get in teaching children from God's word.

2480.  Stephen loves his summer job.

2481.  Laughing and walking with a friend as we share with each other.

2482.  A garden that is starting to grow.

2483.  A husband who listens to me and encourages me.

2484.  Summer weather.

and finally...

2485.  Beauty in my backyard.