Friday, August 28, 2015

Frugal Friday

Jonathan Lockwood Huie ~
Your greatest gift to your family and friends is yourself -
your relaxed, happy, and full-present self.
I love this quote and I do have to say that this past week I've lived it and it's been wonderful. 
So often I get so wrapped up in activity to the detriment of all else.  This week I had an intentional plan for my activities and I was productive but I was also far more relaxed than I normally am.  I was able to clean my house, prepare meals, work on some ministry things, sew and craft and yet, still had time to chat with my family and spend time with them.  I took an afternoon off and went school shopping with Emily and we enjoyed each other's company so much.
It's been a great week!  And my plan is to remind myself of this quote each day.  Relax.  Be happy.  Be present.
This week was also a wonderful week in the frugal living department!  The biggest detriment to our budget is eating out whether it's at a restaurant or getting take out food.  But because I had a plan, went shopping and kept my activities manageable, we didn't eat out once the entire week.  Dan is certainly happy and Nathan was ecstatic because he loves when I cook! :-)
Our meal plan this week:
Sunday - roast chicken, mashed potatoes and veggie
Monday - A hearty soup made up of lentils, bacon, veggies and macaroni
Tuesday - Puerto Rican rice and beans, rice, fried plantains, salad
Wednesday - Lubiyeh (Lebanese beef & green bean stew), rice, salad
Thursday - Baked ziti, homemade Italian bread, tossed salad
I did tell them today is leftover, "clean-out-the-fridge" day. ;-)  One of the things that actually worked well for our schedules this week was that I had our big meal of the day around 1:30-2:00 in the afternoon, right before Nathan went to work so at least he was getting a good, solid meal.  Then Dan, Emily and I just had a light snack in the evening.  I know we can't always do that but it worked for this week because I was home and not running around.
Another way I saved this week was as I grocery shopped.  We go to a local farmer's market and they always have a few shelves right inside the door where they offer veggies and fruit that are bruised a bit at a discount.  I was able to get 4 quarts of peaches for $4 and a basket of bananas (about 8) for $1.50.  I've been shopping for my fruits and vegetables every few days because I find if I try to do a week's worth something ends up going bad and I have to throw it out. 
Well, that's about it for this week.