Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ripping Off the Bandage

It's hard to believe that the month of January will be over in a few days.  It just flew by!  I do have to say that one of the reasons it feels that way is that we've had the best winter here.  Hardly any snow, warmer temperatures and quite a few days of bright sunshine.  What a difference from last year!

As the month comes to an end and my business is closing down, I'm finding that I'm feeling more peaceful about the decision.  I dragged it on longer than I should have and I'm realizing that I need to treat it as if I were wearing a bandage.  If you try to pull it off a bit at a time, it hurts more.  However, if you just rip it off, it'll sting for a moment, but then the pain is gone.  ;-)

This weekend I'll be taking my items out of the one shop and then a couple weeks later out of the last one.  But, the bandage is getting ripped off.  OUCH!  lol

I am going to be taking on a huge responsibility in the spring (which I can't share at the moment) but I'm already gearing up towards that, so I know I made the right decision.  But it is also freeing me up to focus on our own church ministry and family.

A few upcoming things....

  • I'm organizing a family game night which really isn't any work at all.  Just advertise it in the bulletin and everyone is bringing a game and snack.  Easy-peasy.
  • A children's craft and cooking day on the 13th.  The children will make a craft and participate in a cooking project they get to eat.
  • I'm starting up a ladies Bible study towards the end of February.  We have a number of women who cannot come to our study at night because they either find it difficult to get out at night or have children so need something during the school day.  The study is specifically for those women and I'm looking forward to that.  I do love teaching and it is filling a need that some women have. 
  • Dan & I are taking the teens in our church to winter youth camp for one of the weekends in February. 
  • I'm off to visit my mom, stepdad and grandmother for another weekend.
  • In March & April, most of my attention will be on Easter and the retreat our district's women's group has each year in April.  I'm the chair of the planning committee so I'm busy focusing on that.
Anyway, as you can see, the bandage had to come off, so ripping it off was the best way!  I'm editing this to add that I just found out that I can donate my fabric that I know I won't use as well as my inventory to a ministry our denomination runs called the Bosnian Handcraft Project.  This project helps single mothers and women in Bosnia who have no means of income.  We purchase supplies, etc. so they can make handcrafts which we then sell here in the States.  All the money goes back into the project to buy more supplies for the women.

I'm so happy to be able to help and it helps to sooth the pain of closing. :-)