Saturday, December 24, 2016

Be a Participant

I overslept this morning and the house will be bustling soon with last minute activity in preparation for our Christmas Eve service, Christmas Day service tomorrow, as well as our own Christmas celebration.  Loaves of bread are being made, packages put together, candles and candle holders prepared for tonight, as well as a host of other last minute things.  I do have to pick up a couple of items today for our dinner tonight.

The hardest part of Christmas, even though I do enjoy it is the preparation. It was interesting though because last night both Emily and Stephen told me their favorite part of Christmas is the Christmas Eve service.  I thought, "Wow."  Most kids would say the presents or the food or something like that.  But they both chose the meaningfulness of a church service.

A few weeks ago, as I was thinking about the multitude of things I needed to do, I made a conscious decision to be peaceful and calm.  I want our house to be joyful and not chaotic.  I don't want to spend Christmas snapping at everyone.  That bit of reflection and resolve to inwardly chill this year has made this such a pleasant holiday season.

Rather than kill myself making bread and cinnamon rolls today so we can have them with our meal tomorrow, I'm going to purchase them (gasp!).  I'm not going to worry if things aren't perfect.  I'm going to just enjoy each single moment.  Tonight, I'm not worrying about taking pictures or getting uptight if things don't run smoothly.

I'm going to be in the moment as we sing and worship.  I'm not going to stand on the outside, being a spectator.  I want to be a full participant (mind, body and spirit) in the remembrance of God's gift to the world. 

My encouragement to you this Christmas is to also participate.  Don't get so caught up in the preparation and activity that you forget to enjoy the event.  Otherwise you may actually miss those special moments that can occur.

Have a Merry Christmas!