Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Eve of a New Year

On this eve of a brand-spankin' new year, I'm feeling encouraged as I look back over 2016.   I accomplished much of what I set out to do.  I kept to my goals and had a very good year.  It was busy but I feel like it was a productive busy.

Looking back...

♥ Helped organize and attended our Spring Refresh Great Commission Women (GCW) retreat.

♥ Finished & published my newest book, Let's Have Coffee.

♥ Stepped into the role of Director of the Northeastern District Great Commission Women (GCW).

♥ Attended our district prayer conference.

♥ Attended National Great Commission Women's Leadership Conference in Colorado Springs.

♥ Had knee surgery.

♥ Put together and ran our GCW leadership training retreat.

♥ Put together a one day conference for GCW at our district's family camp.

♥ Attended part of family camp with Dan and the kids.

♥ Went on a missions trip to the Bahamas with Emily.

♥ Started physical therapy since the knee wasn't doing so well.

♥ Put together our district GCW Fall Refocus retreat.

♥ Met to plan our Spring Refresh 2017 retreat with the planning committee.

♥ Started a ladies Bible study in which I'm writing the curriculum as I go.

♥ Organized a Fall Festival for our church.

♥ Organized our church's missions conference.

♥ Started a brick and mortar store for my business which I started back up.

♥ Wrote the advent readings for December.

♥ Christmas and all that goes with that.

In between, I took care of the house, meals, and kid's needs.  I taught children's church, helped organize many of the church events with other deaconesses, sang on the worship team, do the church bulletins each week, and visit with Dan when I can. 

Looking back on this year makes me think, "WHEW!"  No wonder my head is spinning at times.  I'm looking forward to 2017 though I do hope it slows down just a bit.  I'll be ringing out the year tonight probably around 9.  I mean after all, 2017 starts tomorrow and I need to hit the ground running! ;-)

Happy New Year!

P.S.  I will announce the winner of the drawing later today.