Thursday, April 13, 2017

Behind the Scenes

I was sitting here at my computer this morning and realized that I hadn't even thought about Easter dinner.  At this point, it's going to just be Dan, Emily and myself since Stephen's at college and Nathan has to work.  So at this point, I don't know what to make.

Easter weekend is such a busy time of the year when you are in ministry.  So often, by the time, Easter afternoon rolls around I am not interested in cooking or food at all.  A friend and I were talking recently and she mentioned that most people have no idea what goes on behind the scenes to make a service go smoothly.

My Easter plans for the week have gone as follows:

  • Wednesday afternoon.  We had worship practice from 4:30-6 to go over the songs for Sunday.  I know our worship leader is also meeting with two other members of the team who were unable to make practice yesterday.

  • Thursday afternoon.  Dan & I are running to the store today to pick up some items that I need for Saturday.

  • Friday morning. A few of us are getting together to stuff goody bags for our community egg hunt on Saturday.  Then we also have about 100 more eggs to fill that came in this past Sunday.  I will also put together the bulletins for Sunday and prepare a children's church lesson.

  • Friday afternoon.  Dan has been working at setting up tables this week for Saturday.  And I'll get the refreshment tables ready, as well as the craft tables all ready for Saturday afternoon.

  • Friday night.  This year we have a combined Good Friday service with local churches.  It will be held at another church this year and Dan will have a part to play.  In the past, I've written the liturgy for it or at least read something, but this year I asked to take a break since I really didn't want to struggle with crutches in front of a crowd.

  • Saturday morning.  A few are coming to hide Easter eggs around the property.

  • Saturday afternoon.  We are hosting a community Easter egg hunt and craft day.  The children will arrive at 2 for the egg hunt outside.  Then they will move inside for crafts and refreshments and take a goody bag home.  The event lasts from 2-4.

  • Saturday late afternoon.  Set up and decorate for Easter breakfast, as well as clean the church.

  • Saturday night.  Prep my ingredients for pancakes which I'm making for the breakfast. Make something for refreshments.  Go over the children's church lesson.

  • Sunday morning.  Easter breakfast at the church at 8:30 a.m.  This is followed by a brief run through of the songs, while others tear down the tables and set up for the service (we only have one room for eating and service).  Service starts at 10:00 a.m.  I'm singing on the worship team and then teaching children's church.  Refreshments follow our service while people fellowship.

Needless to say, I'll be ready to crash after all that!  Hmmm...perhaps dinner out might be good, though my frugal side is revolting against paying the higher prices that one will find on Easter Sunday in restaurants.

It's a lot of work for these events but I honestly love doing it!  It's always my time to think and pray as I prepare.  I just need to remember my own preparation in the mix! lol  There is your peek of "behind the scenes!"